Heritage Institute of Arts and Technology (HIAT) will serve students grades K-8 in Merrillville, Indiana and surrounding areas in a 10-mile radius within Lake County that are interested in a whole school Arts- Integrated approach which incorporates experiential learning and technology. The students will receive instruction in self-contained classroom environments where the Arts-Integrated curriculum is aligned with the 2014 Indiana College and Career Ready Standards for all subjects (ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Math) grades K-8 and the 2010 Indiana Academic Standards for Fine Arts (Music, Dance, Visual Arts, and Theatre). The arts are taught as a subject integrated into all courses across all grade levels K-8. Classroom teachers use experiential-based thematic units created in weekly collaboration with encore teachers containing content drawn from at least one of four art disciplines: production, criticism, history or aesthetics.

In addition, all students will attend weekly encore classes, which include but are not limited to theatre, music, dance, technology, and visual arts instruction. In encore classes, students develop knowledge and skills in a particular art form. The 2010 Indiana Academic Standards for Fine Arts drive the instruction in the encore classes. National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) drive the development of lessons for the technology classes. Special education and English Language Learner services will be provided in the least restrictive classroom environment. Pull out or push in interventions, enrichment and gifted education programs will take place during the school day without interrupting core classroom instruction. Students will also have opportunities to develop and nurture skills and talents in after school, Saturday school and summer school programs.